Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sunshine at last.

After such an incredibly long winter the sun is now shining here in Latvia. I really have no idea where spring went to, we seem to have skipped it completely. Last week I was shivering in wool jumpers, today I have dragged out my shorts - what a shocker!!!

Ellie is a real handful, she is very naughty and always on the move. I took this pic today on a rare occasion ... Ellie sat still for all of two minutes.


  1. She's such a cutie! Glad you have some warm weather now :)

  2. yay for summer! ours arrived with a burst of heat too :D

    gorgeous Ellie .. !!

  3. Adorable little gal. My youngest is now 17, just opened her second shop on Etsy but as for on the go.. we should swap stories. As a mom of 2 girls..the oldest is now 39 and her daughter Ellen graduating high school next week, I can honestly say that on the go takes on new meaning so I have a deep felt appreciation for you. Mothers of kids on the go usually mean a very intelligent child who is trying to soak up as much of life as possible. I always had lots of paints and clay when Rita was little and even now drawing is her favorite past time when that jumpy, on the go feeling gets to her. Have a wonderful day and weekend ahead. I am going to be back to see your blog again.. hello to you in Latvia!