Saturday, June 6, 2009

A trip to market.

This morning we all bundled in to the car and took a trip to the saturday morning market in our local town, a 15 mile drive.

I was so glad I remembered to take my camera along so I could take a few snaps. I thought this stockings stall was wonderful and half expected those mannequins to start doing the 'can can' at any moment.

The market was an abundance of colour and smells, not to mention wonderful fresh local produce. We drove home enjoying the glorious pungent smell of ripe home grown strawberries.


  1. oh this looks wonderful! the markets in these countries are always so different and 'older' than what i am used to and I adore looking and rummaging around to see what I can find.

    sounds like you had a great day Kim :)

    happy weekend to you all!

  2. Hi Kim, I've had a lovely time -with coffee- reading your blog and these photo's are super! Those legs, as if they'd start dancing any second indeed :-) Love the woman's hat and homegrown strawberries, hmmmm! Especially after such a looooong winter! xo

  3. The legs are fabulous! The market is so charming, like a step back in time!

  4. Any dog-hair socks?!!!
    Fab pictures, they take me straight back there... Xxxxx

  5. Oh...I wish I could have come with you! Those legs are wonderful! What a charming market and way to spend a Saturday morning! :)

  6. i think that pictures is hysterical! I have never seen stockings sold like that... ever!

    oh, your kids are just beautiful!! laura :)

  7. superb legs! how I wish mine were as svelte as those! wonder if you could start doing a Latvian market photo blog.... no there's a thing!

  8. oh my goodness these photos are priceless kim!!! i want to hang the legs up across my bedroom wall and adopt that little woman --

    what a wonderful market!!!