Tuesday, July 7, 2009

A Bit of a Builder.

My mother-in-law Vizma, and father-in-law Anthony have arrived in Latvia from the UK. They have renovated the main farm house and a few of the surrounding buildings and plan to move in to it gradually. Anthony is a very talented architect, he refers to himself as 'a bit of a builder'. The first photograph is of a barn he designed, all the materials of which were sourced on our farm.

And what about this for a roof? I love what he did here with one of the farm buildings.

These next photographs are of the main house.

They have had a few things shipped out from the UK, although they have yet to unpack everything. One of the first things they unpacked was this amazing garden seat. I love this red against the greens of the garden.
The children were more keen on this ..... a really special wagon. Lucy pulled Ellie around all afternoon. They just don't make stuff like this anymore.
A very happy little Ellie after her ride in the wagon.


  1. Holy heck! That is amazing and so incredibly beautiful! 'A bit of a builder' cracked me up :P Ellie is the sweetest little thing!

  2. goodness gracious-- so THAT'S why your in-laws have been visiting-- they've been a little busy haven't they! what an amazing roof!! i love how it looks a bit like some kind of take off ramp from one view-- what a fabulously fun structure. the girls must be thrilled to have their grandparents coming to live with them-- and of course the cart too!

  3. A bit of a genius!! It's serenely beautiful! Aaand how sweet can 1 little girl be

  4. Is it in Latvia? :)

    How I love the green all around us.. :)