Sunday, September 27, 2009

Etsy Project Embrace

Fantastic news! Etsy Project Embrace now has official Etsy team status. An enormous big thank you to everybody who made it happen, especially Kristin of loveartworks, thanks Kristin!

Etsy Project Embrace began in support of Laura Slocum of lauraslocumpainted. Laura was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, she has recently received news from her Doctor that she is now cancer free and in remission ... the very best news.

Etsy Project Embrace aims to raise money for cancer research and promote awareness in support of Laura.

A big thank you to everybody, and enormous big hugs for Laura, an inspiration to us all.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Twins

Let me introduce you to our twins Squiggle and Sashy.

We have three cats. Humbug is the eldest at 8 years old, quite a madam and a tough cookie. Sashy and Squiggle are the babies. At the moment they are having a rough time, a nasty big Tom has been hanging around, chasing them and picking fights .... the big bully! They have suffered a variety of scrapes and bites, and we have been visiting the vets on a regular basis for the last month. My poor babies! It is quite traumatic for us all, but at least they are close and have each other.

Postscript... Any advice as to what we might do to discourage this Tom from hanging around would be gratefully received, thank you!