Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Twins

Let me introduce you to our twins Squiggle and Sashy.

We have three cats. Humbug is the eldest at 8 years old, quite a madam and a tough cookie. Sashy and Squiggle are the babies. At the moment they are having a rough time, a nasty big Tom has been hanging around, chasing them and picking fights .... the big bully! They have suffered a variety of scrapes and bites, and we have been visiting the vets on a regular basis for the last month. My poor babies! It is quite traumatic for us all, but at least they are close and have each other.

Postscript... Any advice as to what we might do to discourage this Tom from hanging around would be gratefully received, thank you!


  1. oh how sweet kim--squiggle and sashy are adorable and they're orange--i love orange kitties! henry and i often watch cat videos together on youtube-- this reminds me of the one we saw where two cats were lying together and talking ( well.. in meow speak) to one another, on and was the funniest thing

    i have no idea about how to get rid of the tom--except maybe coyote urine...

    i'm just being was a funny scene in from the movie "the soloist" about a man named nathanial ayers who had been a gifted celloist...

    but hey-- if i were a tom cat i'd stay away if i thought a coyote was around!


  2. Oh they are precious! They look so content all snuggled up next to each other :)

    I don't know what to do about the other fella though, sorry.

  3. I know it is mean, but I throw water at stray tom cats that come up on our porch, try to eat my cat's food, and pick fights. If you have a bucket or a hose and can get close enough, two or three times usually does the trick.

  4. I have always heard spray them with water before the uuuuummmm spray you! Your kitties are so sweet!

  5. Thanks for all your suggestions! The water doesn't work. For some reason Latvian cats seem to like water, rain, being wet! My cats always hunt when it is pouring with rain. It's when all the mice come out!

    Kathi, I need to see the youtube clip, I am going to ask you if you have the link.

  6. My Dad had a terrible way to get rid of Toms back in the day before people started getting their cats fixed here in the States.

    I like the water idea! Cats hate to get wet!

    Awesome blog, Kim!