Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Colour of Autumn

What does Autumn mean to you? For me it means the last of the late Autumn raspberries, as tasty as the summer varieties and so very beautiful to look at. The children and I run down to our kitchen garden with basket in hand, our intentions good. We leave empty handed, little mouths and tummies crammed full of the tastiest fruit imaginable. I would love to share a well loved recipe but we never get that far. My advice ..... pick, pop in mouth ....... and savour!


  1. That's the best and healthiest way to eat them :) They're colour is gorgeous, I've never seen them like that before.

  2. yum! i've never seen this color before either!

  3. I love raspberries! Here in Michigan they come in in late July. Only flower once a year. Autumn means to me Pumpkin Pie!

  4. So healthy and delicious! In the Northwestern U.S. they have something called Salmonberries that are a similar color but they don't taste that great.

  5. since when have YOU had a tiny mouth? ;-)

    gorgeous photo, & wish we were there to join in with the raspberry feast!!!


  6. I am JEALOUS..... Kind of!! In August I walk my dog around the alleys and byways of West Seattle and happily and contently devour massive amounts of big, juicy blackberries...YUMMY!! Kindred spirits, you and I, Kim!!
    Here's a big berry Hug!! :)