Sunday, October 25, 2009

Deer in the Garden

This was the view from my kitchen window yesterday. The onset of Winter means the local wildlife come closer to the house in search of food. Can you spot them? It always amazes me just how big their ears are ..... all the better to hear you with ......

PS. If you click on the image it will enlarge it! You can even make out the big wet nose of the deer in the foreground! Blogger won't allow me to post it any bigger.


  1. kim...this is beautiful! deer are such gentle animals - we often seen several in the field behind our cottage (also the view from the kitchen window!). i love watching them with the babies and am amazed at how quickly they can become alert, turn their white tails and dash for the woods!

  2. Deer are so sweet, accept if they get in your garden. I don't often see them around where I live. Have a great week!

  3. I just said the other day that I seldom see deer in my area. We have woods and lakes, but are well built up.

    So today we were turning onto a main road and I had to yell to DH, look out here comes a deer, a young buck flying down the edge of the road! He passed us and hurry on!

  4. How lovely!!!!
    Must say it makes me think of Dadzis though - he'd have loved the chase ;-)

  5. with stolly yelping along behind him...... ;-) X

  6. Get that deer a big hankie! at least they are not dressed up for halloween!!!!!!!!laura XXOO