Sunday, December 13, 2009

Is it Christmas yet?

Well I have had my hands full just lately. Both my girls have had the flu with soaring temperatures. I have been been running around with a thermometer in hand, mopping brows and holding hands and giving cuddles ... my favourite bit!

I have made the most of Luke's presence this weekend, I have started to unpack some of our Christmas decorations. These are a real kishmish. Old and new, things we have collected year by year. Some handmade with our fair hands. Nothing matching. These are a particular favourite of mine, a part of one of my many collections, Father Christmas babushkas. They are very old and the paint is chipped in places. I love their unusual shape, and the raised texture to the paint on the largest Father Christmas.

What is your most cherished Christmas decoration?


  1. Mine is a little dog glass bulb with face, ears, and tail from Europe!

    Have a very wonderful Christmas & New Year!

  2. very nice!!!
    I think you should get them in though, looks a bit cold out there ;-)


  3. Oh, & most cherished decoration......... I haven't got one I'm afraid. Well not one that springs to mind!
    Maybe when I open the decorations box on christmas eve I'll find one I couldn't bear to be without though. Here's hoping :-) Xxxxx

  4. ~ I love your Father Christmas babushkas, Kim!
    ~ My favorite? It's a 3-way tie: a little glass flower (or bunch of grapes?) from Joe's childhood; our Angel tree topper from Harrods c.1983; the little red wooden sleigh Joe's Dad made by hand c. 1920.
    ~ Then again I love every one of our mixed up conglomeration of ornaments old and new!
    ~ Merry Christmas to Latvia from Maine!
    xoxoxo Mollie

  5. i love your "santas", very cool! My favorite is the manager we put on our buffet. I bought it in an after christmas sale, about 17years ago, for about $15 and it looks way more expensive than that! I also have hand sewn ornaments from Bartt's nana - from the "Wizard of OZ" They are pretty old and i love them!